Special Lecturer Naoyuki Sakumichi received Yamato Scientific Award 2022


On 8th March 2022, Special Lecturer Naoyuki Sakumichi, Department of Bioengineering, received Yamato Scientific Award 2022.


Yamato Scientific Award 2022
Yamato Science  Award 2022 was established to honor highly original, creative, and spirited researchers and to support their activities as next-generation leaders in science and technology that will bring dreams and hope to humanity. The award is presented annually to one researcher from the fields of life science, material science, information science, and their interdisciplinary areas. The award ceremony will be held on Friday, April 22 this year at the headquarters building of Yamato Scientific Co. A commemorative lecture is scheduled in November.

About awarded research
Discovery and elucidation of new physical laws of rubbers and gels

Your impression & future plan
I am very honored to receive recognition for my research achievements to date. The research results were not achieved by me alone, but thanks to various people, including my current and past employers, colleagues, students, and my supervisors from my student days. I would like to continue to clarify new physical laws of rubber and gels by applying the ideas of physics to materials science, and to produce results that will lead to the development of new materials.