Masahiro Araki (D3), Department of Urban Engineering, received Outstanding Student Paper Award


On 13th December 2022, Masahiro Araki (D3), Department of Urban Engineering, received HKSTS Outstanding Student Paper Award of 2022.




Outstanding Student Paper Award

The outstanding student paper award of the 26th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies.


About awarded research

"Replica Exchange MCMC Sampling to Infer Latent Class Model"

I proposed Bayesian inference of parameters for the LCCM; Latent Class Choice Model that can capture inter-individual heterogeneity in choice behavior, using the Replica Exchange Monte Carlo method proposed in the field of statistical physics. I proposed a framework for parameter inference that takes into account the two characteristics of the likelihood function of the LCCM: multimodality and specificity.


About awarded research

I’m very honored to receive this award at the international conference. Additionally, I was inspired by Yanyan DING (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Si QIAO (The University of Hong Kong), and other excellent doctoral students in Hong Kong. I’ll continue to work hard to prove that I am worthy of this award.



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