Faculty of Engineering Admissions Guidance


*This guidance has ended.

Faculty of Engineering Admissions Guidance Schedule (for 2nd year students) 


*Advance application is not required.


 Date and Timeimplementation methodclassroom
Entire Faculty of Engineering

Monday, May 15


Held in person
Lecture Theater (900)
Department of Systems InnovationHeld in person
 Department of Information and Communication Engineering

Tuesday, May 16


Held in personBidg.13 1323
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Wednesday, May 17


Held in personBidg.13 1323
Department of Mechano-Informatics
Department of Civil Engineering

Thursday, May 18


Held in personBidg.13 1323
Department of Architecture
Department of Urban Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry

Friday, May 19


Held in personBidg.7 743
Department of Chemical System Engineering
Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology
Department of Precision Engineering

Monday, May 22


Held in personBidg.13 1323
Department of Materials Engineering
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Department of Applied Physics

Tuesday, May 23


Held in person

Bidg.13 1313

Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics


*If you need special consideration for attending the guidance, please contact gakubu.t@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp by Wednesday, April 26.



We, who are engaged in engineering education and research, carry out various initiatives on the starting point of engineering that science and technology are meaningful precisely when utilized in society.
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In the School of Engineering, in addition to providing an engineering foundation invaluable for sustaining the future of science and technology, we teach the position and significance of technology in society, and foster talented individuals who have a broad outlook, insight, and an international way of thinking.
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