Message from the Dean



Message from the Dean - Engineering Opens the Future



Yasuhiro Kato
Dean of the School of Engineering



We currently live in the face of many very difficult global issues. These include global warming and other climate changes, energy issues, discrimination and poverty, super-aging, regional conflicts, and viral infections. To solve such challenging problems, one must have the ability to create and realize a vision of the future based on variety of expertise, experience, and values. In addition, the passion is needed to solve these problems at any cost. The School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering is the place to acquire these skills and to cultivate the passion for saving the world. Engineering covers an extremely wide range of fields, including those that pursue basic science, those that lead the implementation of knowledge obtained through research into society, and those that pioneer newly merged fields, and the scale of research and development is also very diverse. Our ultimate goal and mission are to utilize the knowledge we have gained through our exploration in each of our fields, to dream and create a better future for the earth and human society, as well as to pioneer a new era.


In order to realize an inclusive society where no one is left behind and where everyone can live in peace, engineering must confront this question directly: How do we protect and nurture the global commons? The School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering are also committed to gender parity at the University and are working to provide an environment where anyone can master advanced studies and research without being restricted by gender, age, or position.


Currently, both the world and Japan are now facing complex and difficult problems in the midst of drastic changes, and what is being tested in this situation is human wisdom, or the power of knowledge innovation. I hope that you will thoroughly train yourselves in knowledge in whichever engineering field you choose, and grow into professionals of knowledge who can do "the best job". The School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering will provide you with the best opportunities to do so, regardless of gender or nationality.

We hope that you will study engineering with us and turn your boundless energy into the driving force that will open up the future of Japan and the world. Let's take on this challenge together!