Professor Takuzo Aida received 2021 The Netherlands Award for Supramolecular Chemistry


During the last two decades the Netherlands have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of Supramolecular Chemistry. With this in mind, the research center for functional molecular systems has initiated the Netherlands Award for Supramolecular Chemistry with the intention to recognize and reward outstanding scientists in the supramolecular chemistry field, and provide researchers in The Netherlands the opportunity to meet leading scientists in this field. The award will be presented every two years to an internationally renowned scientist working in the field of Supramolecular Chemistry. 

This year, the award is given to Professor Takuzo Aida. In 1988, he conducted the co-facial assembly of amphiphilic porphyrins into one-dimensional architectures; the first reported supramolecular polymers. Since then, he has pioneered the synthesis and characterization of supramolecular polymers, and their translation into adaptive supramolecular materials with superb functions. Next to supramolecular polymers, he inspired the world with many novel concepts in supramolecular chemistry. He is the Deputy Director for the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS) and professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, School of Engineering, at the University of Tokyo. Takuzo Aida is the fourth recipient of the Netherlands Supramolecular Award, with Professors Jean-Marie Lehn, Sir Fraser Stoddart and Chad A. Mirkin. 

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