Kazuhiro Shinoda (M1), Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies,received this award is given to papers presented at the UBI Workshop



〈Name of award and short explanation about the award〉
This award is given to papers presented at the UBI Workshop, regardless of whether they are general or student, based on the quality of the paper in light of the presentation to some extent.

About awarded research〉
”Design of a deformable handkerchief interface”

eTextile technology brings interactive functions to clothing and furniture. In this study, we propose an eTextile interface that focuses on the form factor of a handkerchief. With this form factor, users can interact with the handkerchief by transforming it into various shapes, such as spreading it on a desk, folding it and holding it with both hands or one hand, or pulling it. To realize this interface, we constructed a prototype using embroidery and cloth woven with conductive yarn. In this paper, we describe the details of the implementation of the prototype and examples of interactions using the prototype, and discuss the direction of our future research.

〈Your impression & future plan〉
I am very happy to receive this honorable award. I will continue my research on interfaces using conductive yarn that can be integrated into our daily lives.