Associate Professor Yudai Yamasaki and other researchers received the FY 2018 Paper award of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers


On 18th April 2019, Associate Professor Yudai Yamasaki, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and other researchers, received the FY 2018 Paper award of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Research members:
Takuya Hayashi(Master course:at the time)
Yudai YAMASAKI (Associate Professor) 
Shigehiko KANEKO (Honorary professor) 
Takayuki HIKITA, Saori MIZUNO and Takuma FUJII (Mazda Motor Corporation)





<About awarded reseach>

Paper title "Control simulation of an HCCI engine with a discrete model"

In order to realize HCCI (Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition) combustion, which has the potential to achieve both high efficiency and low emissions, a combustion control system based on models was constructed on behalf of the conventional control system based on experiments. The developed control system was revealed to achieve high control performance even in the presence of noise and modeling errors by simulation.


<Your impression & future plan>

With the wave of electrification rushing to the power source for automobiles, internal combustion engines are continuously required to be high thermal efficiency and low e missions because developing countries still demand them and the mainstream of electrification will be a hybrid system with internal combustion engine. For this issue, in addition to improvement and appropriate control of combustion, the driver characteristics on the road will be taken into consideration for power train control. By employing IoT and AI tools, we will work for development of such advanced power train control system.