Assistant Professor Seiichi Ohta received the The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher


Assistant Professor Seiichi Ohta, Department of Chemical System Engineering, received the The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher.

This award is given to the people who have published their research pertaining to chemical engineering with outstanding originality and potential for the future.


<About awarded research>

Biomedical application of nanoparticles, such as drug delivery and diagnostic imaging, has attracted increasing attention these days. It has been reported that size and surface chemistry of nanoparticle have great impact on their interaction with living body. However, the effect of the shape of nanoparticles was still largely unknown. In this study, we assembled nanoparticles into superstructure by using them as building block. It was demonstrated that by dynamically changing the assembly shape, its optical function and biological interaction can be manipulated. Our concept is expected to expand the potential of nanoparticles for biomedical application, leading to novel diagnosis/therapy strategies.



<Your impression & future plan>

It is my great honor to receive this esteemed award. I will further accelerate my research toward the development of diagnosis/therapy system with totally new concept.