Special English Lessons (SEL) 2021 A Semester


The "Special English Lessons (SEL)" is a program that offers English classes for UTokyo students and staff who are aiming to improve their conversation skills and prepare to take a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)(R). SEL is sponsored and supervised by the Division of Global Education, School of Engineering, and we work with private English schools to offer English courses that are reasonably priced and that take place in the evening when not many students are taking university classes.

In conversation courses, students engage in discussion, presentation and free conversation with native instructors to develop English skills required for participating in international conferences and studying abroad. In TOEFL(R) courses, students not only learn the techniques for taking a TOEFL(R) test but also develop English skills that are crucial for academic success overseas.


For 2021 A Semester, SEL will be held online from 18 October 2021 through 14 January 2022.

More details on SEL website (Japanese only) : https://global-eng.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/program/sel/

Email: utokyo.sel[at]gmail.com