Request Certificates/Transcripts


For alumni

  • We issue certificates for alumni only by postal mail. If it is difficult to apply by postal mail, please contact the following address in advance.

Student Support Team (gakusei.t[at]
*Please change [at] to @.


For current students

  • For current students requiring certificates, please use the automatic certificate issuing machine (operating hours: AM 9:00 to PM 5:30 on weekdays) on the first floor of the Engineering Building 8. 

  • Certificates of Graduation and Completion can only be issued on or after the date of Graduation or Completion. Certificates cannot be issued prior to the date of Graduation/Completion. If you are required to submit a certificate, please explain about this in advance.


Certificate Issuance Procedures

Direct Applications for Certificates

  • Location:
    Hongo Campus, Engineering Building #8, 1st floor.
    Academic Affairs/Student Support Team (Monday-Friday 9:00-14:00)
    *NOTE: Office hours may change during holiday periods, etc. The Office is closed for the second entrance examination at the University of Tokyo on Feb. 25 and 26 every year.


    Documents required for application:
    Personal Identification: Student ID, Driver’s License, Passport, Health Insurance Card, etc.

    (NOTE 1)
    If making an application by proxy, the person applying for and receiving documents must have power of attorney (indicated by a signature from the applicant) and the proxy’s identification information.

    (NOTE 2)
    Applicants who would like to certificates to be sent via mail after completion should bring a postage stamp to include with their application.

    (NOTE 3)
    There is no fee for certificate printing.


    Processing time (from time of application to issuance)

Academic Transcript (major courses)Japanese/EnglishWithin 3 days
Graduation CertificateJapanese/EnglishSame Day
Certificate of Student StatusJapanese/EnglishSame Day
(Automatic Issuing Machine)
Certificate of Application for Graduation
(4th year undergraduate students only)
Japanese/EnglishSame Day
(Automatic Issuing Machine)
Certificate of EnrollmentJapanese/EnglishSame Day or Next Day
(Auditing Students)

*Please inquire about other certificates at the Office of Academic Affairs/Student Support Team.

Applying for General Education Course (1st and 2nd year) Transcripts
Individuals Enrolled at the School of EngineeringJapaneseSame Day
(Automatic Issuing Machine)
EnglishSame Day or Next Day
Individuals who have graduated from the School of Engineering (including persons enrolled at the Graduate School and individuals who continued to upper level courses in 1998 and beyond)Japanese/EnglishWithin 3 days

*Certificates for individuals who progressed to upper level courses in 1997 and earlier will be issued by the Academic Affairs Division at the College of Arts and Sciences (Komaba Campus Administration).
Contact Information: College of Arts and Sciences, Academic Affairs Division, Clerk #2
Phone Number (direct): 03-5454-6047 

Graduate School
Academic Transcript (Master’s/Doctoral)
Completion Certificate (Master’s)
Degree Award Certificate (PhD/Doctoral Thesis)
Japanese/EnglishSame Day or Next Day
Certificate of Student Status
Japanese/EnglishSame Day
(Automatic Issuing Machine)
Certificate of Application for Course Completion (second year master’s students currently enrolled)Japanese/EnglishSame Day
(Automatic Issuing Machine)
Enrollment Certificate
Withdrawal Certificate
(Research Students)

Within 3 days


*Please inquire with the Academic Affairs Department/Student Support team if you require a different kind of certificate.


(NOTE 1)
Depending on the year of graduation or the year of course completion, the number of days required to issue a certificate may change. Your understanding is appreciated.

(NOTE 2)
For request forms or other special certificates, both the undergraduate and graduate schools require approximately one week for processing. Please be certain to apply well in advance.

(NOTE 3)

At the end of the school year (March-April) and at the end of the semester (September-October), the office receives a large volume of requests, and certificate issuing within the above-indicated timeframes may not be possible.

Applications via mail

If not applying directly at the office, applications are also accepted via mail (applications by phone or by fax, etc. are not possible).


Prepare the below-listed items 1, 2, and 3, and send via mail to the address indicated. If sending by mail, the date upon which the application is received by the office will be determined the date of receipt. Please be certain to carefully consider timeframes when applying. If making an application by proxy, the proxy must be granted power of attorney (and must have a signed document from the applicant). Proxy must also provide a copy of their identification information.


(1) Download the Application Form

Applicants may use this application form to apply directly at the office.
Alternatively, applicants may apply with the following documents (no required format)


  • Type of certificate, language, and number of copies required
  • Student ID number for the courses which the applicant is applying to receive a certificate for (if applicants remember)
  • Department of Graduation/Name of Completed Major
  • Month and Year of Graduation/Course Completion
    *If a degree was conferred after leaving a doctoral course, please indicate the year and month in which the course was dropped and the year, month,and day of degree conferment.
  • Full Name (in alphabet)
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address
  • Daytime Contact information (phone number, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Intended use of certificate and submission information
  • Requirements (sealed envelope, other instructions, etc.)

(2) Copy of Personal Identification
A copy of a document which confirms the identity of the applicant (driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, etc.)


(3) Self-Addressed Envelope
Please include an envelope with the applicant’s name and address. Using the below information as a reference, please also attach a stamp of the appropriate amount to the envelope.

Regular ShapeIrregular Shape
84 yen94 yen120 yen140 yen210 yen250 yen390 yen580 yen

Example stamp costs (including envelope)
 CopiesRegular ShapeIrregular Shape
A41-4 copies84 yen120 yen
5-9 copies94 yen140 yen
B41-3 copies84 yen120 yen
4-7 copies94 yen140 yen

*Only English language Undergraduate Academic Transcripts will be issued in B4 size. Other certificates will be issued in A4 size.
*For more information about postal fees, please see the Japan Post Home Page: [LINK]

Sample Application (for reference)

a)A4 x 3 copies (14 g) + regular envelope (approx. 6 g) = 84 yen stamp (approx. 20 g)
b)A4 x 10 copies (42 g) + square envelope #2 size (irregular size, approx. 20 g) = 140 yen stamp (approx. 62 g)
c)B4 x 10 copies (68 g) + square envelope #2 size (irregular shape, approx. 20 g) = 140 yen stamp (approx. 88g)

*Applicants who require a sealed envelope should estimate the total cost at double the above-indicated amounts. The above-mentioned b) will be approximately 210 yen (124 g), and c) will be approximately 250 yen (176 g).


(NOTE 1)
For express mail services, please use an express mail stamp. For items up to 250 g, express mail fees are 260 yen, and for items up to 1 kg, the fee is 350 yen.

(NOTE 2)
If requesting a sealed envelope, please prepare an irregular envelope for reply.

(NOTE 3)
If applying for a certificate from outside Japan without access to Japanese postal stamps, please apply using International Reply Coupons (IRCs), which are available at post offices worldwide. In Japan, IRCs are available for 130 yen each. Or please apply using International Postal Money Order.

Contact Address:
The University of Tokyo
School of Engineering and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
Academic Affairs Department/Student Support Team
Tokyo, Bunkyo, Hongo 7-3-1


Contact for inquiries related to certificate issuance:
Academic Affairs Department/Student Support Team
*The @ in the e-mail address is written as [at]. Please rewrite it when sending an e-mail.