(About awarded research)
Title : Giant anomalous Hall effect in magnetic Weyl semimetal EuCd2Sb2 films

Abstract : We fabricate magnetic Weyl semimetal EuCd2Sb2 single-crystallinefilms with low carrier density. These films exhibit large anomalous Hall angle about 12%, which is much larger than the Bulk single crystal. The carrier density dependent anomalous Hall angle shows a peak, which can be reproduced by the energy-dependent intrinsic anomalous Hall conductivity by theoretical simulation, demonstrating the energy dependence of anomalous Hall effect derived from the Weyl points. Our demonstration in film samples pave a way for exploring the potential of exotic anomalous transport phenomena such as the quantum anomalous Hall effect in magnetic topological semimetals.

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I am very honored to receive the impressive award. I sincerely thank Prof. Masashi Kawasaki and Masaki Uchida for providing me with excellent supervision and a research environment, and I also thank all my collaborators. I will keep doing my best.