Yu Saito (D3), Department of Applied Physics, received “JSPS Ikushi Prize”



On 31st January 2018 (Award ceremony 6th March 2018), Mr. Yu Saito (D3), Department of Applied Physics, received “JSPS Ikushi Prize”.

In 2009, JSPS received an endowment from Emperor Akihito on the 20th year of his reign. Amidst a severe economic environment in Japanese society, His Majesty’s desire was to encourage and support young scientists who are working diligently to advance their studies and research. In deference to his wishes, JSPS established the Ikushi Prize program and placed it into operation in FY 2010. It functions to formally recognize outstanding doctoral students who can be expected to contribute to Japan’s future scientific advancement.
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<About awarded research>

Studies on superconducting thin films so far have been targeted for disordered systems, and their intrinsic properties have not been elucidated. In my PhD research, I attempted to clarify the intrinsic physical properties of highly crystalline 2D superconductors using electric-field-induced superconductivity realized in 2D crystals. As a remarkable result, I have discovered quantum phase transitions in the magnetic field due to quantum fluctuation, very strong superconductivity in the in-plane magnetic field, and nonreciprocal transport phenomena reflecting the crystal structure without inversion symmetry. These results are not only remarkable in terms of clarifying the basic physical properties of electric field induced 2D superconductivity, but also important for newly opening the field of highly crystalline 2D superconductivity and constructing new principle.


<Your impression & future plan>
It is my great honor to win this award. I really thank Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa for his excellent supervision, and I also thank all members of my laboratory and collaborators. I will keep researching hard and try to improve our researches.


Eighth (FY2017) JSPS Ikushi Prize Awardees: