Professor Mikio Sakai received the SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement


On 15th March 2023, Professor Mikio Sakai, Department of Nuclear Engineering and management, received the SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement.




SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement
Development of innovative numerical methods for granular and multi-phase flows and their applications to next-generation manufacturing.


About awarded research
This award recognizes the development of elemental models for the simulation of granular and multi-phase flows, including a scaling law model for the discrete element method (DEM) and a wall boundary model based on scalar fields, the derivation of stability conditions for an implicit algorithm as well as solid-fluid momentum exchange terms, international research activities, and the implementation of research results in society. Thus, this award was given by the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, in recognition of the outstanding achievements in the numerical simulation of powder and multi-phase flows.
Your impression & future plan
Distinguished professors were listed as the past winners of this award, and I would like to devote myself further to my research so as not to disgrace the names of the award-winning professors. This award was given because of the support of many people, including my excellent students, the award committee members, and the Department of Chemical System Engineering professors.