Rui LI (D3), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received KONA Young Researcher Award


On 17th November 2022, Rui LI (D3), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received KONA Young Researcher Award at the International Conference on the Characterization and Control of Interfaces for High Quality Advanced Materials 2022 (ICCCI 2022) .


KONA Young Researcher Award

It was presented to students and young researchers for their outstanding poster presentation characterized by excellence in research, clarity in presentation, and personal knowledge in a discussion.


About awarded research

"Validation Study on a Coarse-Grained DEM-CFD for a Three Phase Flow System"
Gas-Solid -liquid three-phase flow systems appear in a variety of industries. Numerical simulation of industrial three-phase flow systems is computationally expensive due to the large number of computational particles. In addition, existing methods cannot flexibly set the mesh size in fluid flow simulations. To solve these problems, the coarse-grained Discrete Element Method, the Refined Grid Model, and the Volume of Fluid Method were introduced into the FELMI code developed in the authors' laboratory. The validity of this method was confirmed for solid-gas-liquid three-phase fluid systems. The method successfully reproduces the macroscopic features of solid-gas-liquid three-phase flow systems, and the errors are acceptable from the viewpoint of engineering applications. The method also succeeded in significantly reducing the simulation time. We believe that this method will be useful for the development of computational science in various industrial fields.

Your impression & future plan

It is my great honor to win this award. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the co-authors of the present research, Professor Sakai and Dr. Yamada. Also, I would like to say thank you to my lab members, especially Dr. Duan, Dr. Li and Miss Shi for their help in the past few months. In the future, I will work harder to achieve more.