Kosuke Yamamoto (M1), Ginshi Shimojima (M1), received Mitou Super Creator

On 27th May 2022, Kosuke Yamamoto (M1), Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Ginshi Shimojima (M1), Department of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, received Mitou Super Creator.

Mitou Super Creator

The award given to a creator who has demonstrated particularly outstanging ability at the end of a project.

About awarded research

We developed an iOS application called "Muscle Supporter" which automatically recognize and count the type

and number of times of muscle training just by wearing it. Focusing on reducing the number of the operations

required by user, the contents of muscle training are automatically recorded with a single tap before workout.

Your impression & future plan
Kosuke Yamamoto

The "mitou" project has come to an end, and I am grateful to have received the award of "Mitou Super Creator".

Although the project has come to an end, it is a new staring point for me, and I will continue to work hard to live up to the award.

Ginshi Shimojima

I am very happy to receive this award. I will continue to devote myself to my work with the valuable experience,

skills, and friends I have gained in this project.