Professor Hirokazu Sugiyama received Bioindustry Research Award 2022


On 12th October 2022, Professor Hirokazu Sugiyama, Department of Chemical System Engineering, received Bioindustry Research Award 2022.


fig1Photo provided by Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA)


Bioindustry Research Award 2022

The Bioindustry Research Award is given to young researchers engaged in outstanding research activities related to biotechnology and bioscience that contribute to a sustainable society in future with appreciating practical application potentials. The wide range of fields of practical applied research activities using biological functions are the followings:
food, agriculture, plant, forestry, fisheries, microbiome, fermentation, bio-process design, biochemical & biomaterial, bio-energy, environmental issue solutions, healthcare, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, etc.,


About awarded research

For the production of antibody drugs and stem cells, novel simulation technologies have been developed that can support process design. For human iPS cells, a new model has been developed that takes into account damage to cells during freezing, enabling determination of temperature profiles that lead to improved quality and productivity. For antibody drugs, process design has been explored that takes into account quality, economics, supply robustness, and environmental impacts. This research contributes to decision support through digital technology, as well as to more efficient and agile R&D.


Your impression & future plan

I am very honored to receive Bioindustry Research Award 2022. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of my collaborators and advisors for their support, and he members of Sugiyama Lab for their hard work and innovation. I will continue to make efforts to explore new process system engineering for pharmaceuticals.