Ryota Tanomura(D3), Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, received JSPS Ikushi Prize


On 19th January 2023, Ryota Tanomura(D3), Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, received JSPS Ikushi Prize.

JSPS Ikushi Prize
In 2009, JSPS received an endowment from His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus Akihito on the 20th year of his reign. Amidst a severe economic environment in Japanese society, His Majesty’s desire was to encourage and support young scientists who are working diligently to advance their studies and research. In deference to his wishes, JSPS established the JSPS Ikushi Prize program and placed it into operation in FY 2010. It functions to formally recognize outstanding doctoral students who can be expected to contribute to Japan’s future scientific advancement.

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About awarded research

The technology of spatial mode-division multiplexing is garnering significant attention as a next-generation solution to support the rapidly growing demand for optical communications. This innovative technology has the potential to multiply the transmission capacity per optical fiber by dozens of times or more, enabling ultra-high-capacity transmission of 10 petabits per second. However, it also leads to significant power consumption and delay at the receiving end. In this research, we fabricated a "universal optical circuit" as a compact semiconductor chip that can replace processing on the receiver side simply by allowing light to pass through it, and aimed to create a high-capacity optical communication system with ultra-low power consumption. We have successfully achieved a compact and error tolerant optical circuit by implementing a unique method of multi-plane lightwave conversion on a semiconductor chip of a few millimeters square. Through actual transmission experiments of large-capacity mode-multiplexed signals using this device, we succeeded in mode decoding in the optical domain, making a significant contribution to the realization of low-power and scalable optical communication systems.

Your impression & future plan

This is my great pleasure and honor to receive this outstanding award. I would like to thank Prof. Yoshiaki Nakano, Associate Prof. Takuo Tanemura, and collaborators and all members of Suzuki laboratory. I'd like to continue to push forward my research.