Professor Ei-ichi Negishi visited UT on Monday, March 9 with his wife


The Negishi Honorary Doctor Room in Engineering Building #3 was newly arranged for Professor Ei-ichi Negishi (Purdue University, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry 2010, UT Faculty of Engineering Graduate 1958, UT Honorary Doctor 2014), who visited UT on Monday, March 9 with his wife to pay a visit to Professor Mitsuishi, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering. After having a friendly talk with Professors Mitsuishi, Yoshimura, and Nagamune in the Office of the Dean, they visited the Honorary Doctor Room, where items such as panels introducing the achievements of his research, a molecular model of his catalyst, and his graduation thesis were displayed.   



After that, Professor Negishi gave a lecture in Lecture Room #31 of Engineering Building #3. The lecture was voluntarily organized and chaired by students in the Graduate School of Engineering, and Professor Negishi kindly accepted their invitation for the lecture. Many students and faculty members from the University attended.

Professor Negishi talked about the things he had considered in his youth and how he first discovered the cross-coupling reaction, which led to his Nobel Prize. Many students and young faculty members took advantage of the valuable chance to be motivated by his fascinating talk. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to ask him questions due to time limitations, but for many people, simply the chance to come into contact with a Nobel Prize winner was excellent.