In Memory of Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi


We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi.

Dr. Negishi graduated in 1958 from the Faculty of Engineering and the former Department of Applied Chemistry, which is the predecessor of the current Department of Applied Chemistry, Department of Chemical System Engineering, and Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology. He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2010, making him the first Nobel Laureate to graduate from our School.
He is best known for his discovery of the "Negishi coupling reaction", which uses metallic palladium as a catalyst to improve efficiency when binding different organic compounds. This method is regarded as a highly innovative method in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, electronics, and many other industrial materials.
Dr. Negishi not only led the academic field with world-class research, but also worked tirelessly to inspire the next generation of researchers with his motto, "keep dreaming!"
We would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude to Dr. Negishi for his great achievements.  The legacy of his research and leadership will continue for many years to come..
Takao Someya
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering