Associate Professor Shuntaro Takeda received Innovators Under 35 Japan 2021


On 16th December 2021, Associate Professor Shuntaro Takeda, Department of Applied Physics, received Innovators Under 35 Japan 2021.


Innovators Under 35 Japan 2021
Short explanation: Innovators Under 35 is a global award hosted by MIT Technology Review that recognizes and supports outstanding young innovators. Innovators Under 35 Japan is one of the local versions of this historic global award hosted by MIT Technology Review Japan.

About awarded research
I was recognized for devising a unique loop-based optical circuit and paving the way for a large-scale optical quantum computer. Quantum computers are expected to be applied in many fields, from drug discovery to artificial intelligence. The optical quantum computer is one of the most promising candidates among various approaches because of its many advantages. I have overturned the conventional common knowledge that a large-scale optical quantum computer requires a large-scale optical circuit with my original idea of a loop-based optical circuit. Furthermore, I have succeeded in its proof-of-principle demonstration. This achievement will dramatically scale up optical quantum computers and significantly reduce the resources and costs required for their development.

Your impression & future plan
I am honored to receive this award for my recent research on optical quantum computing. Nowadays, the race for building quantum computers is heating up all over the world. I believe that Japan can lead the world in the field of optical quantum computers. We aim to realize the world's first practical quantum computer originating from Japan by taking a unique approach.