Naoya Oie (M2), Department of Systems Innovation, received Excellence Young Poster Award


On 30th November 2021, Naoya Oie (M2), Department of Systems Innovation, Kawabata-labo, received Excellence Young Poster Award.

Name of award and short explanation about the award
Excellence Young Poster Award
Excellence Award
This award is presented to a poster presentation with outstanding research content, poster design, and presentation at the 2021 annual autumn meeting of the Japanese Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers.

About awarded research
"Quantification of Fracture Toughness Reduction due to Pre-straining of Steel"
Steel is a strong material that is used as a structural material for ships, but there is a risk of brittle fracture (a phenomenon that leads to instantaneous fracture) when exposed to low temperature environments such as the Arctic Ocean shipping routes. The risk of brittle fracture is also high when steel materials are subjected to loads, because the deformation (strain) of the materials causes damage even if brittle fracture does not occur at the time. In this study, we applied pre-strain to steel materials in order to quantitatively evaluate how the fracture toughness (an index of resistance to fracture) of steel materials decreases.

Your impression & future plan
I am happy that my research has been recognized in this way at the external event. Prof. Kawabata is the best researcher and mentor I have ever had.