Research Associate Masayoshi Nagano received “Good Design Award 2021”


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“Good Design Award 2021”
The Good Design Award is an award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, which is given to things with excellent design every year. It is the only comprehensive evaluation and recommendation system of design in Japan.

<About awarded research>
“Gaito(Streetlight) Stand”
"Gaito Stand", a new style of public space in restaurant district, is an idea to turn a streetlight into a standing table and carried out in Ueno and Yushima, Tokyo. In the evening shop owners set up removable tables and standing drinking spaces with fresh air is emerged. Users buy food and drinks at restaurants in the neighborhood, bring it to the stand, and have a good time on the street corner.

<Your impression & future plan>
For researchers involved in urban design, it is always important to continue to pursue designs to improve the usage and value of existing objects. "Gaito Stand" is a highly applicable project because it is designed with a focus on street lights which you can find in every city. I will continue to find unseen values of streets and cities, with such "parasitic city designs".