Committee Activities

Committee Activities

Females do not have to be the only ones bearing the full burden of life events such as marriage, childbirth, child care, and caring for an invalid, so it is important to create a society in which such responsibilities can be distributed regardless of personal traits like gender. To prevent discrimination based on gender, we provide information and education on how best to create platforms for working and learning that are unbiased regarding personal traits; on inquiring internally and externally about whether or not conventional practices are barriers; and on offering opportunities on an equal basis regardless of personal traits.


2. Supporting those requiring child care

The generation rearing children overlaps with those developing important careers in research which tends to prevent them from continuing their research and becoming more mature academics. Therefore, supporting career continuation and improving working environments for researchers in the generation rearing children is necessary. Ideally, this means creating work environments in which researchers, regardless of their gender, can be actively involved in childcare.


3. Supporting female students and faculty members

With the current male-female ratio, the study and working environments for female students, faculty members and staff who are in the minority tend to be undermined, and because this easily causes inequality, we strive to improve the situation. Additionally, UTokyo proactively provides female students with higher education option information, such as offering them opportunities to meet with female faculty and staff, and women working in industry, to encourage them to aim for a broader range of fields of study.


4. Providing career guidance for female junior high and high school students

To help create an environment in which it is easier for them to aim for science and engineering careers, we provide information to female junior high and high school students and their parents and guardians, as well as junior high and high school faculty providing career path guidance to female students, about various career paths for females in the science and engineering fields and female role models.