Masahiro Mishina in the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, won the Student Award (Bronze) in the 80th Annual meeting held by the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan.




“Redox-responsive nanogel functionalized by streptavidin for drug delivery system” 
To date, various kinds of stimuli-responsive DDS carriers has been developed. Above all, DDS carrier made with hydrogel is of great importance because of its high biocompatibility. In this research, we create streptavidin immobilized hydrogel via disulfide bond using enzyme reaction which proceed in very mild condition. Hydrogel formation by enzyme reaction can reduce the negative effect to included drug, and this hydrogel can be freely functionalized via biotin. We have successfully observed cell internalization of the gel by attaching antibody, peptide and drugs via biotin.


I am so glad to have this wonderful award. I would like to appreciate all the lab members for their kind guidance and support. I am willing to further immerse myself in my study.