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Developing a Digital Twin Learning Factory of Automated Assembly Based on ‘digital Triplet’ Concept : Professor Jun Ota, Professor Yasushi Umeda, Professor Shouhei Shirafuji, Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, and other researchers.

For supporting manufacturing system engineers, we are proposing ‘Digital Triple,’ which consists of physical world, cyber world, and the intelligent activity world where engineers execute various engineering activities by using cyber physical systems.
For verifying the concept of Digital Triple, the objective of this research is to develop a learning factory implementing Digital Triplet. This paper describes this learning factory named ‘D3LF@RACE’ focusing on its digital twin functionality. After clarifying the requirements for D3LF@RACE, the system architecture of the learning factory is illustrated. The system started to be used for education and research. Finally, three critical points for constructing digital twin are discussed; the difficulty of mapping the physical and the cyber worlds, the limitation of the modeling ability, and the problem in supporting the execution of the engineering cycles.

SSRN, Elsevier :