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An Ultrastable, Small {Ag7}5+ Nanocluster within a Triangular Hollow Polyoxometalate Framework:Associate Professor Kosuke Suzuki, Hiroyasu Ito (B4: at the time), Kentaro Yonesato (D3), Department of Applied Chemistry, and other researchers, Associate Professor Daisuke Yokogawa, Graduate School of arts and Sciences, Professor kazuya Yamaguchi, Department of Applied Chemistry.

Small Agnanoclusters (<10) have been emerging as promising materials as sensing, biolabeling, and catalysis because of their unique electronic states and optical properties. However, studying synthesis, structure determination, and exploration of their properties remain major challenges as a result of the low stability of small Ag nanoclusters. Herein, we synthesized an atomically precise face‐centered‐cubic‐type small {Ag7}5+ nanocluster supported by a novel triangular hollow polyoxometalate (POM) framework [Si3W27O96]18−. The cluster showed unique {Ag7}5+‐to‐POM charge transfer bands in both visible and UV light regions. Furthermore, this small {Ag7}5+ nanocluster exhibited an unprecedented ultrastability in solution, despite having exposed Ag sites that can be accessed by small molecules, such as O2, water, and solvents.

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