Takehiro Takayanagi (D1) , Department of Technology Management for Innovation, recieved Excellence Award at the JSAI 37th Annual Conference


On 19th July 2023, Takehiro Takayanagi (D1) , Izumi-Lab, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, recieved Excellence Award at the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) 37th Annual Conference.



The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 37th Annual Conference Excellence Award (2023)

The purpose of the award is to encourage presentations at the JSAI by recognizing research presented at the conference and awarding the JSAI Excellence Award to those who have presented particularly outstanding research.


About awarded research

The integration of human personality traits into recommendation systems, known as Personality-aware recommendation, is widely studied in general recommendation areas such as music, movies, and e-commerce. However, in specific domains requiring specialized knowledge, such as finance, research on personality-aware recommendations is limited. Moreover, in these areas, domain-specific psychological traits like risk tolerance and behavioral biases play a crucial role in explaining user behavior, presenting unique challenges in implementing personality-aware recommendations. This study addresses these challenges and conducts research on personality-aware recommendations in the financial domain. Initially, we introduced general personality traits into financial recommendations and analyzed the benefits of integrating user-based collaborative filtering approaches with personality-aware recommendations. Next, we proposed a financial recommendation model incorporating general personality traits, domain-specific psychological traits like behavioral biases, and transaction data. The proposed model demonstrated high accuracy in financial recommendations.

Your impression & future plan
I am greatly honored to receive high acclaim at the international session of the JSAI, an important conference in AI. I would like to express my gratitude to CONNECT Co.Ltd., and everyone at Daiwa Securities Group Inc. for their various supports in this research. I am determined to continue my dedication to research in the future.