Junhyuk Kim (D3) , Department of Bioengineering, received "Excellent Poster Award"


On 4th September 2022, Junhyuk Kim (D3) , Department of Bioengineering , received "Excellent Poster Award".




Excellent Poster Award (Gel symposium 2022)
This award is given in recognition of outstanding poster presentations at the 13th International Gel Symposium in terms of content, presentation, and question-and-answer session.


About awarded research
"Poly (vinyl alcohol) gel with high toughness similar to Ligament"
Gel, which is familiar as an absorbent for contact lenses and diapers, is expected to be used for medical applications. In recent years, research has been progressing into the use of gels for artificial vitreous bodies and hemostatic agents. However, due to their softness, it has been difficult to apply gels to ligaments and tendons, which are "strong biological soft tissues. In this research, we have overcome the conventional problems by using a material that exhibits high biocompatibility, and have succeeded in fabricating a gel that has a structure similar to that of biological ligaments, but that also exhibits high strength repeatedly.


Your impression & future plan
Although the award is beyond my expectations, I am happy that my research has been recognized. I would like to work even harder on my research than before so that I can achieve more results. I am deeply appreciate to Professor Takamasa Sakai, who always gave me precise advices in the course of this research.