Yusuke Watanabe (M2) , Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received Presentation Award at The Reprocessing and Recycle Technology Division, Atomic Energy Society of Japan




〈Name of award and short explanation about the award〉
This award is given to those who have made an outstanding oral presentation or poster session presentation at the event organized by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan or the Reprocessing and Recycling Technology Division.

About awarded research〉
We have developed a laser absorption spectroscopy system using a glow discharge plasma as an atomic vapor source for rapid, inexpensive, and simple analysis of radioactive wastes. 
In this presentation, we aimed to achieve high sensitivity through the glow discharge plasma cell and a pair of high reflectivity mirrors placed opposite each other to make a cavity for multiple reflection of laser light in order to obtain long interaction length.

〈Your impression & future plan〉
I am very honored to receive this prestigious award. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Shuichi Hasegawa for his continuous and careful guidance and for providing me with a wonderful research environment. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone in my laboratory. I will make every effort to contribute to the field of reprocessing and recycling through this research.