Yoshiharu Tsugeno (M2), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received Student Award


On 9th October 2021, Yoshiharu Tsugeno (M2), Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, received “Student Award” at Summer Symposium of The Society of Powder Technology, Japan.

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SPTJ Summer Symposium Student Award
It was given for the great presentations at the student session.

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Title: Reduction of the density segregation for powder mixing in a container blender.

Powder mixing is one of the most common processes and has significant impact on the quality of final products. A container blender is frequently used in many industries and has an advantage of satisfying both mixer and storage. Recently, importance of gas phase for the motion of solid phase has been clarified in many processes. However, effect of airflow on powder mixing has rarely been studied. Furthermore, when the solid particles have different densities, density segregation is frequently observed and significantly deteriorates the quality of the final products. However, the mechanism of the density segregation has never been clarified and any effective way has never been discovered to avoid density segregation in the container blender. In this study, the relationship between airflow and powder mixing mechanism is clarified. Furthermore, the mechanism of density segregation is identified, and an effective way to reduce density segregation effect is proposed.

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It’s my great pleasure to win this award. I sincerely thank Prof. Mikio Sakai for his excellent supervision, and I also thank all members of my laboratory. I will keep doing my best.