Kiyohiko Iwamura (D3), Department of Precision Engineering, received two awards at SII2021



〈Name of award and short explanation about the award〉
・2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration Finalists of SII2021 Best Paper Award
: Finalist for the award rewarding the single best paper of SII2021
・ 2021 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration SICE International Young Authors Award at SII2021
:Award given to outstan ding papers to encourage young researchers from Japan to carry out academic research and support their international activities.

About awarded research〉
Image captioning consists of a utomaticall y generat ing description from images, which is very important because it has a variety of applications such as helping the visually impaired understand the content of images and indexing images on the Internet. Approaches based on deep learning have shown high performance by effectively utiliz ing information such as colors and shapes in images, and have become a mainstream research field. However, there are problem s: such approaches have difficulty generating verbs. Therefore, in this research, we proposed a method that incorporates information about the estimated motion of objects in an
image. Experiments conducted on several datasets showed the effectiveness of the proposed method and showed improved performance in generating sentences with verbs.

〈Your impression & future plan〉
It is a great honor to be recipient of this award. I am most grateful to my supervisors for giving me a lot of advice on this research. In the future, I will keep working hard.