Associate Prof. Yudai Yamasaki, and other researchers, received the FY 2020 Paper award of Society of Instrument and Control Engineers


On 30th October 2020, Associate Professor Yudai Yamasaki, Department of Mechanical Engineering,Shigehiko Kaneko(*1),Hiromitsu Ohmori(*2), Mitsuo Hirata(*3), Ikuro Mizumoto (*4), Mitsuhisa Ichiyanagi (*5), Akio Matsunaga (*6) and Tomohiro Kanda (*7) received the FY 2020 Paper award of Society of Instrument and Control Engineers.

*1: Professor, Waseda University
*2: Professor, Keio University
*3: Professor, Utsunomiya University
*4: Professor, Kumamoto University
*5: Associate Professor, Sophia University
*6: Toyota Motor Corporation
*7: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.




<About awarded research>

Title  : “Model Based Control for Automotive Engines”

This book explains how to build a new control system based on engine models. The book aimed to develop the basic form of model-based control system by coding according to the procedure, and the final chapter also contains application examples.


<Your impression & future plan>

PHVs and HVs will be the mainstream of electric powertrains for automobiles in the future, and engines will continue to be installed. The electrification will further complicate the system, and a new control system including the use of information such as connected cars will be required. We would like to achieve this by fusing a physics-based model with AI technology.