Selvam Kalimuthu (D3), Department of Mechanical Engineering, won 2021 Siebel Scholars in Energy Science


On 10th December 2020, SELVAM Kalimuthu (D3), Department of Mechanical Engineering, won the 2021 Siebel Scholars award in Energy Science. The Siebel Scholars Program is a program founded by the Siebel Scholars Foundation in 2000 and intended for top students who are enrolled at the world’s leading graduate schools participating in the program.



From left: Prof. AIDA Hitoshi, Dean SOMEYA Takao, SELVAM Kalimuthu, and Prof. SHIKAZONO Naoki


I am highly privileged and humbled to receive the Siebel Scholarship for the year 2021.
I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Prof. Shikazono for his constant support and continual motivation.
Further, I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to my professors Prof. Ajit Kumar Kolar, Prof. Sujit Karmakar, Prof. Ayyappan, Prof. Thirumurugan, Prof. Shanmugam, and Prof. Rajendran for instilling and imbibing the research interests and the importance of energy. At this outset, I would also like to convey my gratitude to Mr. T. Srinivasan (TSN), for identifying and providing opportunities to develop my leadership skills. A word of thanks will never suffice for my parents for their sacrifice and all-time encouragement.
With the over-dependence on fossil fuels constantly increasing the chances of creating irreversible effects on the environment, most researchers focus on developing alternate sources of energy to drive our ever-developing society. I for one, believe in developing efficient systems that can significantly reduce emissions while maximizing the efficiency of plants running on fossil fuels is also an alternate route to meet the current level of energy demand and curb the emissions.  I am sure that my research in this direction along with the energy storage, will have an immense impact on making the earth a greener and safer heaven for the future generation.


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