Young Faculty:Associate Professor Takahiro Morimoto





2012 Ph.D, Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
2012 Special postdoctoral fellow, Condensed matter theory laboratory, RIKEN
2015 Postdoctoral fellow, Strong correlation theory research group, CEMS, RIKEN
2015 Moore foundation postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Berkeley
2019 Associate Professor, Department of Applied physics, University of Tokyo


<About the Research>

We are a research group studying condensed matter theory at Department of Applied Physics. We are interested in novel quantum phenomena that are enabled by topological materials. In particular, we focus on nonlinear responses of quantum materials and topological phases in nonequilibrium states. We use analytical methods such as quantum field theory, combined with some numerical simulations. Our research interests include:
• Topological phases of matter (Topological insulators, Weyl/Dirac semimetals)
• Nonlinear optical/transport phenomena (Shift current, nonreciprocal current response)
• Nonequilibrium phenomena (Floquet theory, Keldysh formalism)



<Future aspirations>

We aim to understand and predict novel (and useful) nonlinear functionalities, based on topological properties of quantum materials.


Morimoto group :
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