OIS Summer Party


On July 5, 2019, Prof. Asami Yasushi,Vice Dean of School of Engineering gave a welcome remarks at a Summer Party organized by OIS (Office of International Student) on behalf of Prof. Tatsuya Okubo, Dean of School of Engineering.
In every year,the theme for the party is Edo period. IIIEE* members prepared many booths introducing Japanese culture such as Sanshoku-dangoya(Japanese dumpling),Sado(Tea ceremony),Origami(paper folding art),Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping), Nihonga(Traditional Japanese painting),Shodo(Japanese Calligraphy),Kendama (Japanese style bilboquet),Suika-wari (Watermelon splitting game) and so on. It was a good opportunity for Japanese and inbound students to mingle that they enjoyed very much.

①MC,International students    
②Opening Edo period
③Professor Asami Yasushi,Vice Dean of School of Engineering
④Professor  Asami Yasushi,Vice Dean of School of Engineering
⑤Professor Suda Reiji, Head of International Center, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
⑥Sanshoku-dangoya(Japanese dumpling served in 3 pieces with different colors)
⑦Sado(Tea ceremony,a famous Japanese practice a long long time ago)
⑧Origami(paper folding art)
⑨Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping)
⑩Nihonga(Traditional Japanese painting with a brush using ink stone and colors from nature)
⑪Shodo(Japanese Calligraphy)
⑫Kendama (Japanese style bilboquet)
⑬Suika-wari (Watermelon splitting game)
⑭Suika-wari (Watermelon splitting game)
⑮Co-op 2 Refectory, Hongo Campus