About correspondence of vulnerability of encryption technology "3DES"


March 18, 2019
University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering /
School of Engineering Public Relations Office

Thank you very much for using the Faculty of Engineering / Graduate School of Engineering website.
When a vulnerability is found in the encryption method "3DES" used in communication via the Internet, and "3DES" is used, a part of communication may be leaked to the third party due to an attack from a malicious third party It is reported that there is a possibility.
In order to use the Internet in a safe and secure environment for our customers, we will stop using "3DES" from March 19, 2019.
Depending on the customer's environment, this response may cause symptoms such as the site not being displayed. If symptoms occur, you need to install the latest browser.


■ Maintenance date
March 19, 2019 9:30

■ Symptoms that occur
Depending on the browser settings of the customer, various pages starting with "https: //" such as My Page (Customer Information Confirmation Screen), various procedure screens, web mail, inquiry form will not be displayed and can not be used.

■ Environment that occurs
・Windows XP Service Pack 3 Internet Explorer 8 or earlier
・Android OS 4.3 and earlier versions

■ Correspondence method
・Customers using Windows XP

Please consider migrating to the latest Windows
The end of support for Windows XP has been announced. For details, please refer to the "End of support for Windows XP and Office 2003".
Also, please check the "Microsoft Windows Product Site" for the latest information on Windows.
・Customers using Android OS 4.3 or earlier
Please consider migrating from a "browser" that is standard installed on your smartphone to a third party browser such as Firefox.

Thank you for your continued support of the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo and the Graduate School of Engineering.