Graduate School of Engineering Establishment of the Corporate & External Relations Planning Office


The Graduate School of Engineering has, since its inception, worked to advance its community relations and its cooperative activities in the industrial world. Moving forward, these efforts will continue through implementation of strategic, flexible approaches.

As part of these approaches, the Graduate School of Engineering established the Corporate & External Relations Planning Office on December 12, 2016.

In preparation for the establishment of the Office of Corporate & External Relations on March 1, 2017, the Planning Office is considering a variety of proposals that encompass a range of community relation activities and corporate collaboration efforts, such as appointment of full-time instructors, dissemination of research results, and workshops.

Following establishment of the Planning Office, School of Engineering Dean Mamoru Mitsuishi stated, “we will lead the way for the University, promoting strong relationships and cooperation with communities and with the industrial world. We will work to make even more technologies possible across a range of engineering fields.”