An He, Department of Mechanical Engineering, won 2019 Siebel Scholars in Energy Science


On 15th October 2018, An He (D3), Department of Mechanical Engineering won 2019 Siebel Scholars in Energy Science. The Siebel Scholars Program is a program founded by the Siebel Scholars Foundation intended for top students who are enrolled at any of the number of graduate schools worldwide participating in the program.

I am pleased and honored to accept the Siebel Scholar award. I would express my appreciation to my supervisor, Prof. Shikazono, and everyone for their supports.
Because of the growing energy demand, high-efficiency power generation system is highly required. Fuel cell is one of the choice for next generation power generation system. I will continue to contribute my efforts to the commercialization of the fuel cell system.

Link to Siebel Scholars Foundation:

Award Ceremoney


Mr. An He with Dean Okubo


(From left) Prof. Naoki Shikazono, Mr. An He, Dean Tatsuya Okubo, Prof. Hitoshi Aida