Fellow award ceremony, Prof. Hong Lin


On May 14, 2018, Dean Okubo, School of Engineering, awarded Professor Hong Lin, School of Material Science and Engineering, and Vice Director of New Energy Research Center and State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, as appointment of “Fellow” of School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

The title “Fellow, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo” will be granted to persons who have their main base of activity at institutions abroad and who have carried out distinguished achievements in scholarship or education in the engineering field as well as meritorious service to the education or research at this school through exchanges with it and whose continued support via exchanges can be expected.

Prof. Hong Lin has widely contributed to the research of new energy materials, especially those used in nanostructures solar cells, and key issues such as structural design and materials preparations, electron excitation/transportation/recombination/collection. And their photo-chemistry or electrochemistry of nanomaterials. Prof. Lin has published more than 400 scientific papers, co-authored 8 books, and held 15 Chinese patents. She has received The Chinese Ceramic Conference (CICC) from The Chinese Ceramic Society, and International Communication Award from Nagoya University. She is currently and associate editor of Science and Technology of Advanced Materials(STAM).

Prof. Lin has been in charge of 14 workshops between School of Material Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University and Department of Materials Engineering, The University of Tokyo (including three university workshops with Seoul National University) and has given lectures in many of them. In addition, she contributed to furthering student exchange via accepting graduate student of the University of Tokyo and advising the delegates of Tsinghua undergraduate students to the University of Tokyo. Furthermore, she contributed a lot to the enhancement of communication between the two universities through serving as the General Secretary of the 2nd TU-Utokyo Joint Symposium on Multidiscipline in 2017, which includes various fields such as bioengineering, precision engineering, hydro-science, architectural history, accessibility development and humanities. 


Dean Okubo and Prof. Lin with a plaque