Global Solar⁺Initiative (GS+I) Research Projects : Open Technical Seminar (charge free / registration unnecessary )


Date and time: 2/2/2018(Fri) 16:00〜17:00
place:Eng.3 Building 3rd floor room no.320 in Hongo campus 

Subject:『Cleaner Coal Utilization ~ JPOWER's HELE (High Efficiency Low Emission)Technology Development and Beyond ~』 
Lecturer:Hiroshi SASATSU
       Executive Officer, Department Director
               Research & Development Department, Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd.(J-POWER)

Approximately five billion people is living in either weak or off-grid area in the world where electricity is not stable or not available. The needs for cheap and stable electricity supply specially by under developed countries in Asia is emerging, while many countries agreed to reduce carbon dioxide emission in order to cope with global warming issue.
In this circumstance, each countries should pursue S+3E energy policy, i.e. energy security, environmental conservation and economic growth based on safety. It is definitely important to secure balanced energy portfolio while chasing de-carbonization society in the future.
Coal, as a gift from the earth, has very preferable feature as fuel which has huge reservoir, is evenly located and relatively low and stable in price, while it emits a lot of carbon dioxide compared with other fossil fuels, due to high carbon content.
JPOWER has been focused in developing clean coal technologies for a long time by ourselves or through collaboration with partners. High efficiency low emission (HELE) technology development such as USC, IGCC/IGFC and good example of commercial deployment by JPOWER is presented. Further, beyond HELE, super clean utilization of coal that is "blue hydrogen production" as an example of hydrogen production from Australian brown coal will be introduced.