The Historic Rally Abroad Project 2016 「Team MUSASHI」achieved success in Targa Bambina.


The Hisroric Rally Abroad Project 2016 「TeamMUSASHI」 participated in the car rally, Targa Bambina(3/5~6) in New Zealand and they won the first place in category 0. Their two cars (Honda SB1 Civic 1200RS) both run the whole distance and won Targa Spirit prize. The details are as below. 





Honda・SB1・Civic 1200RS (1975)

Driver: Kenjiro Shinozuka

Co-driver: Mituru Takagi

Classic 2WD Category 0:first place

Targa Spirit prize





Honda・SB1・Civic 1200RS (1975)

Driver: Masatoshi Kubo

Co-driver: Susumu Nagai

Classic 2WD Category 0:second place

Targa Spirit prize





This “Historic Rally Abroad Project” was established for brand-new harmonization between craftsmanship-spirit education and international education. This unique project is officially registered as a course of the school. For this project, students are absorbed in trying to restore the old vehicles, conduct complex procedure of shipment, support their machines during the rallying event, and so on. They are going to do whatever they need to participate in the Rally Tournament. They restored 5 cars and 2 of them participated in Targa Bambina. The others will participate in Targa Tasmania in April in Australia. Many members of the team felt proud of Japan when they regarded with admiration at the prize-giving ceremony of Targa Bambina. TeamMUSASHI will push on toward the next victory in Targa Tasmania.


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