Dr.Qi An wins The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Awards for Outstanding Paper


On 27th December 2015, Dr. Qi An, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers Awards for Outstanding Paper.

The award is provided to the authors of the paper which contribute to the academic development of instrument and control engineering areas.

In order to improve the declined physical ability of the elderly, it is important to understand how humans generate their movements. This paper focuses on human standing-up motion which is the important daily activity and many movements follow after this. Although human control redundant muscles to achieve the adaptive motion even in the different environments, its control mechanism has not been fully clarified.
Regarding this problem, this study focuses on muscle synergy hypothesis which suggests humans do not control individual muscles but control synchronized muscle activation (called synergy) to generate movement. From the measurement experiment of the healthy young people, three muscle synergies have been extracted from muscle activations regardless of different chair heights and motion speeds. These muscle synergies have specific contribution such as hip rise, whole body extension, and posture stabilization. Moreover, it has been implied that amplitude and duration time of muscle synergies were properly adjusted to the environmental change.




It is our pleasure to have this honorable award. Our future plan is to identify the cause for declined ability of the elderly and brain injured patients. Furthermore, assistive technology will be developed.