Ena Tsutsumi, Department of Urban Engineering,won the JSWE-KURITA Best Presentation Award


JSWE-KURITA Best Presentation Award is given to the research presentation conducted by graduate student in master's program so as to increase research motivation.



< About awarded research >

Urban canals in Bangkok, Thailand, directly receive untreated domestic wastewater due to lack of sewer coverage. Pathogenic viruses (hepatitis A virus and rotavirus) were found in canal waters. Saen Saep canal is used for public boat transportation on average 56,000 people per day. The boat screw splashes and aerosolizes the canal water into the air together with viruses, which could survive in the aerosol and be transported for long distance. Therefore there is a possibility for the passengers to be exposed to risk of infection via inhalation of viruses in the air.

The aim of this study was to determine virus concentration in the air above Saen Saep canal in Bangkok.

As a result, Noroviruses RNA, Pepper mild mottle virus RNA and JC Polyomavirus DNA were detected in the air samples collected on the running boat. Presence of NoVs RNA in the air may imply risks of infection for the passengers. 



< Comments>

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisors Dr. Tawan Limpiyakorn (Chulalongkorn University), Dr. Hiroyuki Katayama and Prof. Hiroaki Furumai. I am also grateful to the opportunity to stay in Thailand provided by UTokyo UEHAS program (Interdisciplinary Consortium on Urban Environment and Health in Asia). This award has encouraged me to immerse myself in study towards completing my master’s degree.