One-shot acquisition of intermediate feature values for in-process parameter exploration in PBF-LB of ultrafine porous metallic structure



Keisuke Nagato, Ryo Okawara, Hiroshi Yoshizaki, Masahiko Sairaiji, Moju Zhao



Powder bed fusion with a laser beam can produce porous parts with high porosities and fine pore sizes. However, it takes a long time to determine the optimal process parameters using conventional methods, such as making test pieces and checking the three-dimensional microstructures using computer tomography. In this study, we propose and develop an in-process extraction method for intermediate feature values that represent porosity and pore size. Pore size was successfully characterized using confocal laser microscopy and data treatment. Furthermore, the one-shot acquisition was performed using an optical microscope to capture the top surface.




CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology: