Simultaneous Detection of Mixed-Gas Components by Ionic-Gel Sensors with Multiple Electrodes


Takahisa Tanaka, Yusuke Hamanaka, Taro Kato, and Ken Uchida

The sensing of gas components in a mixed gas is required for breath-based health monitoring and diagnosis. In this work, we report the simultaneous detection of mixed-gas components using a sensor consisting of [EMIM][BF4]-based ionic gel with four electrodes made of Au, Pt, Rh, and Cr. The voltage between any given pair of electrodes depends on the gas molecules absorbed in the ionic gel and the elements the electrodes are made of. When the voltage signals between all pairs of electrodes were used, H2, NH3, and C2H5OH concentrations were simultaneously estimated by a neural-network-based inference. From molecular dynamics simulations, the origin of the voltage signal was attributed to the catalytically generated adsorbates on the electrodes.



ACS Sensors :