A micro-satellite “Hodoyoshi-1” developed by University of Tokyo in cooperation with Next-generation Space Systems Technology Research Association (President: Koji Yamaguchi) in the FIRST program of Cabinet Office of Japan was successfully launched on November 6th 07:35 (UTC) (6th 16:35 Japanese Standard Time) by Dnepr Launch Vehicle at YASNY Launch Base in Russia. This is now in initial operation phase.

Hodoyoshi-1 is a 60kg micro-satellite with a cubic shape, 60cm on a side. The mission of the satellite is earth observation. It is equipped with a reaction wheel, a star sensor, a MEMS-based gyroscope, a GPS receiver, and is capable of accurate 3-axis attitude control. In addition, the demonstration of orbit control by a newly developed propulsion system using hydrogen peroxide will be conducted. From the sun-synchronous orbit an altitude of 500km, the satellite will obtain images with the ground resolution of 6.7m in multi-spectral and the swath of 28km. The mission specifications of Hodoyoshi-1 are equivalent to those of a traditional larger satellite heavier than 150kg.