Micro satellite "HODOYOSHI-4" success in acquiring high-resolution images


Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka’s laboratory launched 2 micro satellites "Hodoyoshi-3"&"Hodoyoshi-4" in 19:11 (UTC) (Japan time 20 day 4:11am) on June 19, 2014 from a Yasny base in Russia using a Dnepr rocket. Hodoyoshi-4 High-resolution camera system has been checked and verified to take high resolution ground images successfully.
High-resolution camera has been developed newly, which is able to take 6mGSD photos. Immediate and detail observation is expected by using micro satellite constellation network.


hodoyoshisat hodoyoshisat



Hodoyoshi-3 has 40m and 200m GSD Cameras and Hodoyoshi-4 has 6m GSD Camera to capture Earth remote sensing images, and both satellites have "Store & Forward" communication systems to receive various sensor data on ground as well as "Rental Space" to accommodate user-specified objects in several 10cm cubic spaces in satellites.  These satellites aim at demonstration of feasibility of practical applications of micro-satellites in space.   Newly developed advanced components such as high speed X-band transmitter and Ion propulsion system will also be tested on Hodoyoshi-4. "Hetero Constellation" experiment using two satellites with different capabilities will be tested, too.