Development of Bird's-eye View System in Unmanned Construction


“Asama Research Laboratory” and “Yamashita Research Laboratory”, part of the Department of Precision Engineering, in the School of Engineering, at the University of Tokyo (hereinafter “Asama Research laboratory” and “Yamashita Research Laboratory” in the University of Tokyo) in cooperation with Fujita Corporation (Head Office : Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President : Takuji Ueda), has developed a “Bird’s-eye View System” (patent pending). The system provides a bird’s eye view of a construction site to workers remotely controlling unmanned construction machinery. This system can be mounted on construction machines equipped with “Robo-Q” (a portable robot to operate construction machines, developed by Fujita Corporation in cooperation with Technical Office of Kyushu, Kyushu Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), and will dramatically improve workability and operability of remotely controlled construction machinery used for unmanned construction at the site of natural disasters.


Bird's-eye View Syste