Life Event Support

Life Event Support

UTokyo and the School of Engineering offer various forms of life event support. We hope you will take advantage of them.

Special terms of office for project faculty members and project researchers in programs and chairs (School of Engineering)

Beginning with the 2021 academic year, as life event support for project faculty members and project researchers in Social Cooperation Programs, UTokyo-National Research and Development Agency Corporation Programs, and Endowed Chairs, a system has been initiated for extending terms of service for those taking maternity or childcare leave. For more information, please contact the Personnel Office, SOE.

Support for babysitting services (UTokyo)

Discount coupons for babysitting services will be issued to UTokyo faculty members.
The use of these discount coupons for babysitting services allows a discount of up to 4,400 yen (2,200 yen x 2 coupons) per eligible child per day. Each household may redeem up to 24 discount coupons per month. Faculty members rearing young children are encouraged to take advantage of this service.

Campus day nurseries (UTokyo)

Restart-up research funding (UTokyo)

In order to maintain and further improve the research environment for researchers whose work has been interrupted by life events (including childbirth, childcare, and family caregiving), support is for expenses (including for supplies and travel).

Grants for staffing to help researchers (UTokyo)

For faculty members who have difficulty securing time for research due to childcare, family caregiving, pregnancy, and/or childbirth, grants cover the cost of hiring a fixed-term part-time staff member, TA or RA.

Other researcher support (UTokyo)