Collaborative Research Institute for Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Kick-off Symposium "Democratic Day”


We will hold Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure Collaborative Research Institute Kick-off Symposium "NGCI Democratic Day”.
In April 2021, the University of Tokyo launched the "Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure (NGCI) Collaborative Research Institute” to carry out cross-disciplinary collaborative research on next-generation cyber infrastructure.We will engage in collaborative research for the realization of next-generation cyber infrastructure, including 5G / Beyond 5G, which plays a central role as the backbone of a knowledge-intensive society that integrates cyber space with the real world (physical space).Democratization in cyber infrastructure means inclusiveness in which everyone participates and thinks about the ideal form of the next-generation information society infrastructure without leaving anyone behind. In other words, it includes not only the research and development of technology, but also consideration for the global environment such as carbon neutral and green recovery, consideration for all people, and that of high ethics and social acceptance of technology and consensus building. With school of engineering as the responsible department, 12 departments throughout the university, including not only information and science and engineering but also humanities and social sciences such as law, ethics, and public policy, cooperate with industry partners and local governments. Utilizing the comprehensive knowledge of the university from various perspectives, we aim to accelerate the creation of next-generation cyber infrastructure through a cross-cutting approach and to become a flagship organization that will lead Japan's international and industry-academia-government-private partnerships.


In holding the NGCI establishment symposium, based on the idea of democratization, we will extensively introduce the ideas of distinguished experts and exchange the ideas of participating faculty members with all academic backgrounds, and diverse opnions inclusively from the audience. We have planned an event called “NGCI Democratic Day” as a memorable starting point in order to receive your opinions and accelerate research. We hope all the participant enjoy the discussion at the symposium.

There will be a panel by distinguished experts, Prof. Gonokami, the former President of the University of Tokyo, Professor Tokuda, the president of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Mr. Kawazoe, Managing Director of NTT, Mr Nishihara, Managing Director of NEC Nishihara, Mr. Nakamura, Director of KDDI Research, Inc.
There will also be keynote speech by Prof. Someya, Dean of engineering school and Mr. Nagasaki, Prefectural Governor and the talks with participating faculty members and experts from the University of Tokyo's Collaborative Research Organization.

Please register at :  http://democratic.jp